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Artist Eva Wiren


Meet Artist Eva Wirén

and her world of colors


Colorful and intuitive art of all sizes and price ranges.

Her Studio is located in historic premises at Postgatan 4,at the Kronhuset in the middle of central Gothenburg.


The studio is the place for her silent exploration of pictures.

Her creation takes place mainly in oil, acrylic and watercolor


She takes inspiration and power from dreams, the woman, nature

and man. The intention of her painting is to manifest the soul's innermost essence and the unconscious.


In painting, Eva lets the intuition and emotion control. Her art reflects her soul and where she is at the moment. It is therefore always changing in both color and temperament as life itself..


Eve's desire is to be able to touch people through art, in a way where we allow ourselves to reflect on our own potential and who we are.

She wants her art to help others discover new aspects of themselves.


Welcome to share her world.


You are warmly welcomed for a visit and taking part in the art at

your own pace. Her intention is that you will feel that you get into something else, a room beyond time. Are you curious ?


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